Virt - Your mind on 3D

The list of numbers, well over one-hundred long, was not intimidating until the instructor said we had ten minutes to memorize as many as possible. I stared down at the list, as if daring the numbers to escape my memory, which they promptly did.

How could it be possible for anyone to remember that many random numbers in a row? 

The answer is to convert the list, from its two-dimensional existence, into something that your mind has an easier time manipulating - three-dimensions. The list becomes becomes a place with which you are familiar, and the numbers become preassigned objects. For example, one equals a lamp, two a vase, three a painting and so on. Instead of remembering the 2D list, now you order the number-objects in your memory bank, and recalling the information is as easy as imagining yourself walking through a room while pointing out what you see. 

This experience, over ten years ago, stuck with me. If our minds are so much more agile in 3D, how else can we tap into these hard-wired capabilities? I thought about how flat the internet was and saw an opportunity. The internet is essentially one, BIG, 2D list, waiting for the third dimension, which is where virt comes in...