The Virt Weekly - Edition 1


Welcome to the first edition of The Virt Weekly - your source for all news related to virtual reality. Thanks for checking it out!

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place last week, there were a ton of VR announcements. 

Hardware News

HP Introduces Virtual Reality and Curved Displays

Throwing their hat into the VR ring, HP debuted "a new series of virtual reality and curved displays." The displays were received well by CES attendees, who found the 3D VR displays intuitive and lots of fun.

IC Real Tech's 720-Degree Camera Can Stream Virtual Reality

IC Real Tech announced a new line of 360-degree cameras that can stream live footage, a great tool for creating VR content and sharing events. Ranging from $3,000 for a professional version to $500 for a more playful, kid's version, these cameras are sure to be a hit.

Razer's New Virtual Reality Gaming Headset Encourages Open-Source Hacking 

Razer created a lot of buzz with its open-source VR (OSVR) headset. Set to be released in June 2015, this headset will run any software written for Unity or Unreal, meaning that developers can develop on the Razer and then port their creations to the myriad of HMDs.

I Fought a Dragon in a Head-Mounted Holodeck

The Sulon Cortex is a self-contained VR/AR headset, still in development. It is set to be released later this year or early next year.

Software News

YouTube Will Soon Support 360-Degree Video

This is big, BIG news. 360-degree video is a tricky beast and consumes more data than one would expect. With a biggie like YouTube tackling this problem, 360-degree videos will soon be as manageable as normal videos.

Samsung Milk expands beyond Galaxy devices and adds virtual reality

More big news from another big player. Samsung announced Milk VR, the content deployment system for their Gear VR. It will focus on four channels to start: music, sports, action, and lifestyle.

Visionary VR is Reinventing Filmmaking's Most Fundamental Concepts to Tell Stories in VR

Visionary VR, a new technology and content development studio, is working on a system for managing a 360-degree, VR experience by dividing the scene into multiple sections. This will help storytellers organize their VR experiences, and I can't wait to try it out.

Funding News

Intel is betting $25 million on smart eyewear-maker Vuzix

While this is not directly a VR play, the line between VR and AR will continue to blur, so I included it here. Intel bought 30 percent of the company, representing a strong bet for the future of AR.

Nurulize Secures $2M Seed Funding

A VR software developer, Nurulize Inc is focused on creating software tools and experiences for VR. 

New VR Experiences

CES: Fox is Bullish on Virtual Reality, But Is It the "Real Deal" for Hollywood?

Mike Dunn, the Fox Home Entertainment worldwide president, thinks 25 million households will be using VR by 2017. My projections are quite similar.

Inside the NBA's Plan to Give Every Fan a (Virtual Reality) Courtside Seat

Can't afford to spend $10,000 on a courtside seat? Soon you'll have the option of watching the game in VR, from a view that is above the price range of most people. 

I Went Shoe-Shopping in Virtual Reality

The future of shopping is virtual. VR offers the ultimate bridge between bricks and clicks, and every store will have a virtual store within 5 to 10 years. Note: I am biased here as VR shopping is something I am currently working on. 

Project Nourished

Experiences like this one show the incredible realm of possibilities that VR presents - "by merging the physicality of molecular gastronomy with virtual reality, we can finally enjoy any food we want in a whole new way." It won't be long until you can go to a VR restaurant and pig out without any consequences. 

People in VR

Get to know some of the key players in VR with these insightful articles.

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